Friday, July 2, 2010

Park(ing) Day 2010

So, I just read Feet First's Park(ing) Day 2010 press release and thought it was about time to start planning our second Park(ing) Day Central Park (click here and here to see photos from last year).

As you may know, the idea of Park(ing) Day is to reclaim space typically reserved for automobiles as temporary park space for a day, and while the lot is not used for parking, it is unused by neighbors in the same way the the street is unused. Rebar, the creators of Park(ing) Day, as well as many other fantastic interventions, approve of this interpretation.

I believe we had 18 parks set up on the lot last year, as well as one DJ, one band, and a radical painter that showed up unannounced, but was, of course, welcome (one of his works is still hanging on the back fence and can be seen here). We had a whole host of prizes ranging from ice cream to books to a zipcar gift certificate to $200, cold hard cash (seriously, it was coin).

So if you'd like to participate by building a temporary park or organizing (please, please!), let me know. Feet First wants to double the turnout this year citywide, so I say we double it in the central park too. That said, I think 35 parks is a reasonable goal.

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