Monday, July 19, 2010

FAIL (updated)

Yeah, this isn't an urban food blog, but you probably know how I feel about local organic food, independent retailers, and multinational corporations pretending to be local if you've spent any time reading through this site. It should, therefore, be no surprise that I was astonished to see this on 7th avenue this morning.

I'm no graffiti artist, but I think this sign is just asking for an, um, intervention. In the meantime, I wrote a quick email asking the advertising and marketing department what was going on:

I recently saw a McDonald's billboard in Seattle, Washington which hinted that the potatoes used to make McDonald's french fries were grown in Pasco, Washington, and was wondering if you could provide some proof. Nothing about the McDonald's brand says 'local' and I'm curious about what you're doing here: changing your ways because you had an epiphany? co-opting an authentic movement? outright lying? Please clarify. It would be greatly appreciated.

I suppose one interpretation might be that potatoes are grown in Pasco and McDonalds serves fries here in Seattle...

Have a question for these bastards? Here's the contact form.


More coverage at Grist and Fast Company, including a great shot of the disclaimer in fine print.

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