Saturday, July 3, 2010


I took the first bus out of Coca-Cola City, it made me feel all nauseous and shitty. -- from "Worms of the Senses / Faculties of the Skull" by Refused, on their album "The Shape of Punk to Come"

It's funny how my last little post saying that Coca Cola, the owners of Glaceau, who make Vitamin Water and are hosting the Vitamin Water Social Club over at Sole Repair for the rest of the month has attracted a few lengthy reads from, I assume, some low-level marketing geniuses at Coca Cola's headquarters in Atlanta (thanks, sitemeter).

I first became aware of Coca Cola owning these guys when Madison Market quit carrying Vitamin Water for that very reason. As you probably know, the co-op does not carry products that do not jibe with its mission statement, and I recall that their position against Coca Cola had something to do with water rights in India, i.e. using up an inordinate amount of water to create their product, and thereby limiting residents' access to fresh water. Here are some links on that issue.

India Resource Center

Corp Watch


And while I, admittedly, drink a diet coke from time to time, just like Bret Easton Ellis, I really hate to see these big corporations trying to infiltrate the 'hip' neighborhoods, veiled as independent brands. Everyone knows where the 'fake Starbucks' are, and if you are like me, you avoid them. In this case, I just want to make sure you know who is behind these events before going.

So, yeah, go see the bands, support Sole Repair, but don't think that Vitamin Water is made by the little guys.

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