Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Park(ing) Day Info from Feet First

As previously mentioned, Feet First has started sending out information for this year's Park(ing) Day, which is Friday September 17th. You can read their announcement here. If you want to host an on-street park, the deadline for registration is Friday August 27th.

Our event last year was an extension/modification of the typical Park(ing) Day park. Since the point of the event is to 'reclaim' space devoted to automobiles, we conceptualized the lot as a space unused as part of the daily routine and decided to transform it into a central park, which could, in turn, be used throughout the day. Look through last September's archive and you can see more photos and posts than you probably care to read.

Want to build a park on the lot? Or an art installation? Do you play in a band and want to perform? Do you have a ping pong table or tetherball poles? Want to pass out flyers, cookies, or rabble rouse in general? Our Central Park will be the place.

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