Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Park(ing) Day Photos

I'm running a bit behind but here is a small gallery of photos from various photographers that came to the Park(ing) Day Central Park. Beneath their photos you will find links to their sites.

An Office Nomad shows his poetic side at the Seattle Arts and Lectures park (photo from the SAL Flickr set.)

A gentleman (I believe this is Michael Seiwerath, a longtime contributor to the cultural life of Seattle) participates in SAL's group painting (photo from the SAL Flickr set.)

A pair of neighborhood folks utilizes SVR's very popular ping-pong table.

Signage for Brite Collective's biographical field sketch, Negative Space.

A quick game of turtle tag after nightfall.

Beware, this man will play your confessions on Hollow Earth Radio (image from Cojourn).

Yours truly reads a bit of, um, literature in his Suburban Backyard (yes, that's whitebread and a jug of Carlo Rossi you see; there's a Will Smith CD too) (image from Cojourn).

My favorite photo of all, thanks to Scott at Cojourn, is of Susan from Office Nomads barely missing a three-point bean bag shot in my aforementioned Suburban Backyard.

Members of the grand prize winners, Signal to Noise, display their trophy from within their park,

Capitol Hill Community Council President Jen Power and City Council candidate Mike O'Brien chat in Unpaving Paradise's park (image from Cojourn)

A true gentleman, Web Crowell, offering up sodas from his seltzer upstart, Under Pressure Seltzer Works.

And finally, a photo of the mobile DJ, 12 Hr Notice who was on his feet for most of the day, keeping the music going (photo by Beth Hamby)

There is also a gallery over on CHS by Lucas Anderson for your viewing pleasure here.

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