Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let's Talk About Parks

Half an hour from the eve of Park(ing) Day, it looks like our Day Central Park is going to consist of 14 mini-parks, plus quite a few other activities (music, presentations, awards, seltzer, charettes, a grunge rocker, candidates, ballot measures, etc). This post is just a list with links back to the original description of the park.

1) SVR Design
2) Unnamed Landscape Architects From Portland
3) Capitol Hill Housing
4) Office Nomads Co-working Park
5) Michael Smith from Castanes Architecture
6) Seattle Arts and Lectures' Words Matter
7) Zen Cakes and Zines
8) Flash Volunteer's Viva Volunteerism
9) Unpaving Paradise's Paradise Unpaved
10) People's Parking Lot's embarrassingly undesigned space that will at least have a bean bag toss
11) Pangeality Park
12) Signal to Noise's
13) Under Pressure Seltzer Works
14) Blitz et al's Art Park

However, it's not too late to sign up for a space! A post on the activities portion of the day is forthcoming.

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