Friday, September 25, 2009

McGinn Sustainability and Built Environment Fundraiser, 10/12

While this blog typically focuses on one small part of Seattle's urban fabric, it's worthwhile to step back from time to time and consider the political and economic context in which this half-acre of "prime real estate" has been left vacant.

As you might know, my interest in the lot arose not out of nostalgia for the bars and restaurants that once occupied the space -- I didn't spend much time there -- but, rather, the fact that such a popular and vibrant strip was being changed for, in my opinion, the worst (meaning a condo project that would cater to an entirely different demographic). Now the economic situation has paused the previous development trajectory and we here at PPL are trying to make the best of the situation (and perhaps find a way to influence what happens here in the future?).

Meanwhile, there's a mayoral election coming up, and one of the candidates' platform addresses many of PPL's concerns, namely a vibrant, livable, and sustainable urban environment. Of course I'm talking about Mike McGinn and am honored to be one of the hosts for his Sustainability and Built Environment fundraiser that's coming up on October 12th.

You should come; here's the facebook invitation.

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