Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Park(ing) Day Awards

So we've been advertising a prize for the best park but haven't really explained the contest in detail. This post is an attempt to remedy that.

There will be four judges on Park(ing) Day that will visit all the parks in Central Park, three of which will cruising around town in the car donated by Zipcar between 10:00 AM and noon, to include other parks in the design competition. We will be holding our awards ceremony at 6:00 PM and participants from all parks are invited to attend, as is everyone else who reads this post. Some downtown parks will be bringing up their used sod so there should be some nice grassy places to sit!

Awards are as follows:

Grand Prize: A unique custom trophy and $200 cash

Runner-up Prizes:

$100 Zipcar Gift Certificate
Coffee and a t-shirt from Victrola
Five green living books from Spine and Crown
Two gardening board games from Gamma Ray and Bucephalus Games.

There are also two other potential prizes which will be announced as they are confirmed.

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