Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Park #13, Under Pressure Seltzer Works

A guest post below by Web Crowell, one of the organizers of the Park(ing) Day Central Park and the soon-to-be singular Seltzerman of Capitol Hill:

Before people had the bright idea to make Everything disposable, you drank soda at a shop, or you had a Seltzerman - Like a milkman, exchanging empty bottles for full ones every week. 4 major US Cities still have seltzer services, Seattle once had 130, now it's getting one back.

I first had Seltzer while traveling, it seemed like a great project for a Luddite with a green stripe and a fondness for a good bar. It took 2 years to assemble the parts of a tiny operation - bottles from retired Seltzermen all over the world and an elusive century old filling machine. Delivery begins soon to destinations on Capitol Hill via the worlds first Seltzerbike!

Friday I'm bringing a few flavors and maybe some Bluebird ice cream to mix soda for anyone who stops by with a container.

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