Friday, September 4, 2009

Parks #9 & #10, Unpaving Paradise and People's Parking Lot (plus a few more details)

Park #9 will be hosted by Park(ing) Day veterans Unpaving Paradise and will be entitled Paradise Unpaved. Jen and Hong split their time as the driving force behind this group, as well as the President and Vice-President of the Capitol Hill Community Council, not to mention that they have been instrumental in planning this event.

Park #10 will be hosted by yours truly. The working title right now is People's Park, after the Berkeley park that inspired this blog. Will I bring a pickax and remove some pavement? You'll have to come by and see.

We have verbal confirmation from the nascent organization Howell Collective, as well as from the design journal ARCADE. I'm harassing Dan from Hugeasscity, Pb Elemental, some folks from LMN and Atelier Jones, but have yet to receive confirmation (if you're reading this and know people at these firms, feel free to harass them for me!).

We also have two special interactive charrettes that will be hosted by Capitol Hill Housing and + Brite Collective. More details and a schedule will be posted next week so that, if interested, you can plan to come by for these activities (they both sound great so far).

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