Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Big thanks to all the garage sale participants, Emerson Salon for sponsoring, and the good, kind, wonderful and generous folks who donated money online to help make the garage sale happen. Two of them are artists, one of which we work with often, and the other with whom we hope to do something soon: 12 hr notice and The Lonely Kazoo.

The PPL coffers are now $40 up (for the first time) and that much closer to putting on another event. Doing things on the lot is expensive, both in time and effort, and we're grateful that both CHS and Shunpike can help lighten the load (in fact, Justin, carried 99% of it himself for the garage sale so keep reading CHS and write your own stories too).

So, what would you like to do there or see done? As previously mentioned, I like The Lonely Kazoo but their project lends itself to an indoor venue. I'm talking to the city about Signal to Noise's temporary, site specific art project and have spoken with Queer Youth Space about an event. Parking Day 2010 is in November and several people have expressed interest in another garage sale this summer. Am I missing anything?

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