Friday, June 4, 2010

Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself


In response to a discussion on the CHS blog about unsavory characters and graffiti guys defacing Signal to Noise's "Holding Patterns" entry, the commenter Mhaire writes:

The best antidote for use of a space by unpleasant characters is to use the space ourselves. The idea that this design is flexible enough to allow multiple uses is sharp: why didn't someone think of it before? Materials are durable, structures would be hard to move inappropriately (e.g. stolen), and while big gardens are nice, they don't maximize uses of the space and aren't nearly as flexible... and someone has to maintain them. I like that trees are included in the design, certainly flowers can be put at the bases of trees, and you have small gardens? Graffiti is art nowadays, I'm thinking let the graffiti artists pay for painting them, and we benefit. And if we don't like the layout, we change it (Maybe even add raised P-patches as a border later). "Bitchin'" as one of my friends said of the idea.

Well said.

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