Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Seattle Square -- Call for Vendors and Musicians

A new public market, The Seattle Square, is coming to Occidental Park for the remainder of Summer, beginning July 17th. Live music and food carts will round out the experience, making the square a place to both shop and relax.

I met up with one of the organizers yesterday and they are still looking for both vendors and musicians. Do you have a crate full of old vinyl or boxes of books to sell? Perhaps some CDs that have been supplanted by your iTunes playlist or clothes from last summer are cluttering up your apartment? Or if you only have a few things, one option would be to set up a People's Parking Lot table where several of us could sell things together. And if you're a musician, DJ, producer, laptop beat-maker, or any kind of sound installation artist, there is room for you as well. Send me and email or get in touch with James Grindle on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, you can also follow The Seattle Square here.

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