Friday, August 21, 2009

The Parking Lots Were Alive!

At 15th and Pine, Gert's made its first showing, a few months after I first heard the lot owners were interested in street food vendors.

Unfortunately, this spot is a bit off the beaten path but I was happy to see some folks stopping in. I also understand that Marination Mobile had considered setting up on this lot but decided against it, in part because of its location. Perhaps Gert's reputation for excellent barbeque will be enough to get people to walk a little further than usual?

Next up is Cap to the Hill's 500 E Pine Party. I snapped the quick photo below but you can see some better ones by Matt Hickey on Line Out (as well as some commentary about the actual event).

And speaking of the actual event, I went down but the line was crazy so I just took a few photos over the fence. The projected photo of the old block was great:

And the inconveniently long line that turned at least five people, including myself, away.

The turnout inside Havana looked great; lots of people, some of them dancing. The part outside that was supposed to be the old block was a little less active but it probably livened up after I left: the line was still long and people were hopping the fence to get in.

Unfortunately, the real 500 block of E Pine still looked like this earlier today:

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