Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Purview is Expanding

Upon reading this post on CHS, I contacted the developer of the Cameo Condos, which were -- and still are, supposedly -- to be located at 15th and Pine.

In an effort to pull in some money, the developer is interested in setting up a sort of street food court, which is a great idea. In my message, I asked about the possibility of installing some temporary gardens and/or art projects; he liked the idea but is also concerned (understandably) with recouping some of their losses on the property, via parking and street food.

Have ideas for street food vendors or are you one? Either respond to the CHS article above or contact the owner directly at jzier (at) halrealestate (dot) com. What could be better than enjoying some of Seattle's finest street food while walking amongst temporary gardens and art installations? It's like a hipper version of the Olympic Sculpture Park.

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