Thursday, June 25, 2009

Park(ing) Day 2009

People's Parking Lot is proud to announce their intention to secure the lot for Park(ing) Day 2009. As you may have seen in years past, this is a full-day event where participants convert parking spots into small parks.

(Image from Inhabitat)

We hope to transform the lot into a Central Park for the entire event, though without disturbing the smaller, parking space-sized lots around the neighborhood. In the Central Park, the intention is to host parks for individual groups, nonprofit organizations, and especially artists/design firms interested in the temporary use of disused space. Additionally, it would be great to invite some neighborhood retailers to host parks: for example, maybe Spine and Crown could set up a bookworm park.

A proposal will be sent to the lot owners shortly and the organizing committee will begin planning shortly thereafter. The date of this year's event is September 18th, a Friday, so go ahead and ask for that day off now.

If you're interested in setting up a park, go ahead and send us an email now (contact info is n the upper right-hand corner) so we can gauge interest. If you have organizational ideas or want to take part in hosting the event, please get in touch as well.

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