Sunday, August 16, 2009

Official Park(ing) Day Posters and Hillebrity Judges

Or, if you prefer, PDF versions of are posted here. A really good place to post a few (read, a ton) of these would probably be 11th and Pine.

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The deadline to sign up for a space on the street is this coming Thursday, August 20th. Email Elaine [at] feetfirst [dot] info to sign up. As always, more parks are welcome on the lot, just email and let us know you want a space. We have fifteen parks confirmed so it should be a good time.

We would also like to announce that Justin of the CHS Blog and Jen Graves of the Stranger are our first two judges for the best park. More details on the judges, prizes, etc. as they develop.


  1. Is anyone screening these posters? I'd love the dark one as art.

    [Alas, I'll be out honeymooning for park(ing) day this year.]

  2. not that i know of but can find out. it's also the official t-shirt, which can be purchased from rebar, and that we might license to print ourselves...still working out the details but will let you know!