Saturday, August 8, 2009

Small Biz at Park(ing) Day/After Hours Park(ing)

Received word from Rebar, the creators of Park(ing) Day, that it's okay for small businesses to host parks in our central park, and to display their names (in a tasteful fashion, of course). The main restriction is that there may be no commercial activity (buying and selling, distributing coupons, etc.). So if you're a small biz and would like to participate, please get in touch.

So far, interested small businesses include:

Spine and Crown
Office Nomads
Madison Market (mobile park)
Wall of Sound
Gamma Ray Games
Blue Bottle

Additionally, representatives from some architecture and design firms will be setting up parks. I'll refrain from posting their names at present because I am unclear as to whether the firms themselves are sponsoring the parks, or if the employees are participating separately.

So, if your a small biz and you consider any of the aforementioned businesses your peers, you're welcome to join the roster. If you're an architecture or design group interested in participating, rest assured that you will not be the only one (there are three at present). And of course, community groups and neighbors are also invited.

Already planning a Capitol Hill park, on the street somewhere? Great! Wonderful! Please proceed as planned! We would love to have you on the lot, of course, but since the backbone of Park(ing) Day is parks on the street, we do not want to pull anyone out of such spaces.

Also, per city rules, all parks on streets must close down at 3 pm; we are inviting all participants to come and join central park at this time because we feel this is a bit early. More details to come.

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