Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Setting up for Construction at Lot

In case you missed the post I put up on the tweeter, here's a link to a quick CHS report about new developments at the lot today (fencing and a trailer). Photo below from CHS contributor rlfunkadelic.


  1. hey keith - I'm finally catching up on my bloglines and am sad to see that you are no longer posting. any plans for another project? i really like the community kitchen idea...anyway - hope all is well. - riisa (from Mugeraur class!)

  2. hey riisa, sorry for the slow response! i've been buried w/ school stuff trying to get my committee finalized and my exams scheduled for next year so i haven't been active here at all. plus there's the huge hole in the middle of my lot! ;)

    i just checked in on this site because i got an email from the managing editor of the AIA publication Forum asking me to write something for the september issue...but i really should do something here, i just don't know what...

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