Monday, May 24, 2010

Shapes of Change

As promised, here (.pdf file*) is Signal to Noise's entry for the Holding Patterns competition. I pulled this photo out to share but you'll have to look at the entry to see the rest.

*Please let me know if you can't see the file; I've never tried to share a pdf and heard Scribd was good for it...


  1. As a former resident of Capital Hill, I'm always impressed by the sometimes quirky, fundamentally sensible, and always creative ideas residents come up with to address the needs of living together in an urban environment. This one by Signal to Noise (some innovative design firm?) creates appealing scenery and attractive usefulness out of an underutilized space. The Hill has a bunch of great restaurants, but never enough outdoor space to eat for those who like to dine al fresco (or just to hang for those who don't want to have to buy food for that privilege). Here is someplace less crowded and less noisy than some of those restaurants: Outside! YAY picnics!! Yay Capital Hill! when will it be done?

  2. I think the design commission is going to spend the next week or so sorting through the entries before deciding what comes next, but I haven't heard much about the schedule beyond that. I'll definitely post updates here as I hear what's going on.

    STN is a group of architects and urban designers, some employed and some now unemployed. I hope they get a chance to move forward with this project, out of vanity, friendship, and the fact that I think this idea is fantastic.

  3. Can't see the PDF on Scribd and they want me to login with my Facebook account so that they can access my list of friends, etc.

    Not so good.

    Dropbox is much better for this sort of thing (I'm sharing a number of my song arrangements via them). You start off with 2 gigs of free storage. If you sign up via this link:

    ...both you and I will get an extra 250 megabytes of free storage.

    The folks who download your stuff won't have to sign in, they'll be able to click the public link for your file and just download it.