Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thanks and Congratulations

First off, thanks to everyone that came by the Park(ing) Day Central Park on Friday, whether you built a park or just stopped in. In addition to the expected guest, Sally Bagshaw and Kery Murakami both stopped by, as did KOMO News. There was Twister, Connect Four, and Ping Pong, that were all surprises and hits, not to mention a bit of "turtle tag" on the grass dropped of by SAM and TPL, spearheaded by the five year-old daughter of a Madison Market employee named Adam.

Also a big congratulations to the winners of the awards!

Tastiest prize: Zen Cakes and Zines (Central Park, Bluebird gift certificate)

Most Multi-Modal: Bike Works (Columbia City, Zip Car gift certificate

Most Playful: 4-PLAY (Central Park, games from Gamma Ray and Bucephalus)

Greenest Park: Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Wallingford, Eco books from Spine and Crown)

Best Execution: Park N Play by Perkins + Will (Downtown, Victrola coffee and shirt)

Most Original (Grand Prize): by Signal to Noise (Central Park, $200 and custom trophy)

Scott at talked to Signal to Noise as they put their park together here (he has some photos too).

Another big thanks to our judges, Justin, Katy, Rich, and Jen!

And speaking of photos, I took a few which I have yet to upload, but you can find more on cojourn, as well as CHS and Flickr.

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