Friday, July 24, 2009

Portable Production/Design Charette

Not an hour after meeting Jay Standish -- the gentleman behind the design charette for Seattle's HUB, which will be held at our Park(ing) Day event -- I found myself in front of Madison Market, witnessing solar-powered sewing machine art being produced.

I connect the two events because Jay had mentioned the possibility of using solar power as an energy source for the design charette; P. Nosa, the Tucson-based artist, had already made it work. He told me his panel was manufactured by Kyocera, but I didn't ask which model he used. Nevertheless, as we at PPL explore ways to activate vacant space, the availability of electricity -- or lack thereof -- always comes up.

Returning to this morning's conversation with Jay: the design charette sounds splendid. A firm believer in place-making, he plans to set up a sort of pavilion in the back corner of the lot, where the ground is level. This space -- or place, rather -- will be covered and surrounded by furniture and objects that make it a ideal for discussion: comfortable seating, rugs, plants, bookshelves, etc. And though the charette will only take place for a portion of the day, the pavilion will be available as a meeting place throughout the day, similar to the function of the building we will be designing.

If you are interested in the charette from an organizational, layout, or participation level, please get in touch and I'll connect you with Jay. He's an intelligent and energetic individual that I'm confident will facilitate an engaging event within our event.

And if you're interested in seeing P.Nosa in action -- which I highly recommend -- he may be lurking around the Capitol Hill Block Party or Seattle Center today and tomorrow, and will set up at the Fremont Sunday Market before heading to Portland on Monday.

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