Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This afternoon I took a trip down to Burien to see the B /IAS installation at the Burien Town Square. Click here for a Worldchanging.com article on how the project came to fruition on an empty construction site, much like the PPL.

As previously mentioned, the B /IAS is host to both sculpture and garden plots.

While it's true that I visited early in the afternoon on a Tuesday, I can't help but think of how many more people might visit such a space on Capitol Hill, given its foot traffic. Anyway, Burien has done a good job here and I hope we can learn from them; in all honesty, I'm a little embarrassed that they made something like this happen before us, but that's just me being a snob.

Click here for more photos.


  1. Hey Keith,
    Glad you like the site, if you have any questions on the process of how our conversation with the developer and the city went to make this happen let us know. We are more then willing to share the experience that way and will be producing a DIY manual for other communties to do the same thing.
    thanks for checking it out!
    Kathy Justin and Dane Johnson founders of the Burien/ Interim Art Space

  2. Thank you, Kathy Justin and myself are very proud of this temporary space and as the name suggests it is about “Interim Art Spaces” not just Burien ,, It did help greatly having a city with vision when we approached them with this idea. A Capitol Hill IAS would fit beautifully “CH/ IAS” if only there was a community group that could spearheaded it and a city that would help bend a rule or two. FYI .. the City of Seattle loves the idea .. Hint Hint ,,, anyone on the Hill willing to spend a year making this idea live ? Dane Johnson