Tuesday, May 19, 2009


A headline about this phenomenon popped up through the NPR feed on my Facebook page. In short, Slacktivism is pretty much what I'm doing here: writing about social action online in lieu of actually doing something. Of course, the intent of this site is to organize/inspire folks to take action but that doesn't exonerate me. I've been trying to avoid this pitfall and even wrote about it (scroll down to the subtitle "Public Technology") last autumn in a course I took at UW, but I'm not exactly succeeding. Anyway, the article is good and I hope you find it inspiring.

Also I would encourage any readers of this site to join the Facebook group for Hugeasscity. The author of the blog inherently understands our (meaning people, collectively) tendency to read and comment on blogs rather than, as Royal Tennenbaum says, getting out there and mixing it up. While you're on Facebook, go ahead and join the People's Parking Lot group too.


  1. Oh, how I adore this term! I'm officially giving myself the title of Slacktivist.