Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Painting and Music

Earlier this afternoon I was caught without my camera but I saw something wonderful. A gentleman had his easel set up on Pine and was painting the lot. I rushed back as soon as I could but he was gone. I'll return tomorrow and see if he's there but, in the meantime, if you know him, I'd at least like to see his painting.

Later I went to pick up a pizza at Olympia and was greeted by another wonderful sight; this time I had my camera.

It turns out that Iron and Wine is playing an in-store at the Capitol Hill Sonic Boom before his show tonight at the Triple Door. Wish I'd have known earlier and I would be in attendance...but it got me thinking.

What if there was a show at the lot? Perhaps one with a local band who could draw a decent crowd and wouldn't care if it was, um, legal. I picture outlaws like Brent Amaker and the Rodeo or maybe another reunion show by The Murder City Devils. Any promoters out there know these guys or other bands that wouldn't mind a guerilla show? I guess the show could maybe be legitimate too, if it came to that...

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