Monday, May 18, 2009

Parking Lot Dance (update: and some relevant content)

It has been a week since I've posted anything and I regret to inform everyone that I have no new relevant content to share. However, I did come across the parking lot dance scene from a movie called Step Up. Maybe you've seen it? Maybe we should re-create it?

Anyone have plans for the lot soon or want to make some? The BBQ corn and sushi guy emailed me and said that he still has plans for doing something, but nothing is set in stone.

Actually, I take that back, I do have some relevant content. Someone affiliated with Sustainable Capitol Hill emailed me last week and said an associate had mentioned something about a night market at the lot. My contact info was going to be passed along to the night marketeer, but I haven't heard anything. I've also been in touch with I Heart Rummage, and while they are too busy to organize an event, they said that I or others interested in gathering community support for a takeover would be welcome to set up at one of their events. Are there any IHR veterans or people-persons out there who'd like to collaborate on this sort of rabble-rousing?


  1. Do you think we could use the lot for the community sales site for the Capitol Hill Garage Sale? I imagine getting use of it would entail some song and dance with Murray Franklyn/Pine and Belmont LLC. However, they might be interested in good PR, so I figure its worth a try. You up for it?

  2. Yeah, I'm up for it. I've also been in touch with two bands that would like to play the lot if it's a legitimate show. I'll email you right now.