Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Construction to begin by March?

That's the story, according the Stranger. My correspondence with owner resulted in a terse, "the building permit is expiring so we are renewing it," but evidently that was not the whole story.

The whole point of this blog (see the first post here) was to serve as a 'meeting place' so that when the time for construction came, we might have the mass and momentum to influence what happens on the space. I'm not sure I've succeeded in building that base, but I feel like a decent amount of people read these posts and have participated in the events we've hosted. The question is, though, if a project really is going to begin, can we do anything about it? Does anyone have the time and energy?

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  1. private development is directly related to our neighborhood's culture, economics and social viability. and it effects every one of us. projects like this set precedence for future development, and I don’t understand how it can be going forward “as-is”. given the cultural sensitivity of the site and with so much money on the line, I do not understand why there has been no attempt to make amends and build community support.
    massive monstrosities built out to maximum height limits and setbacks like these physically fragment communities and usually incorporate only the bare minimum required public amenities and spaces. they tower like fortresses, are visually and physically uninviting. and in this case aesthetically uninteresting and mismatched to the rest of the neighborhood….
    I do have some time and energy and I am interested in finding out if residents can influence the outcome of this and other development. I want to know who else in the neighborhood is concerned about the changes sitting on the horizon…. can [we] self-organize? is this something that our *ahem* Community Council or Dept of Neighborhood rep could/should help out with? has anyone talked to Mr Saxman lately?