Friday, November 19, 2010

Community Kitchen?

You may have noticed that here at People's Parking Lot, we bring up urban agriculture from time to time. Also, you probably notice that small businesses get some screen time. One idea that I've been discussing with different neighborhood folks over the last year is creating a community kitchen: one that could serve as preparation space for groups working in urban agriculture (Food Not Bombs, Alleycat Acres, etc), and for small businesses like Mini Empire Bakery, while even possibly serving as education space for classes connected with stores like Madison Market.

We have recently heard that a catering company is leaving the neighborhood and are considering approaching the building owners to see if this is a possibility. Thoughts? Would you have use for such a space? Want to help explore the possibility of creating such a space?


  1. I like this idea, and I would like to add that folks like myself who live in one of the thousands of tiny cap hill studios in the area would also be interested in renting spaces such as this (at a reasonable rate) to host "pickling parties" and "tamale nights" with friends....

  2. Yes please, this sounds like a GREAT idea!! Only thing I'd be worried about is damage/loss of pots/pans/etc...

  3. I would kill for commercial kitchen space on the Seattle side on something like the Techshop/Metrix model.

  4. Agree with Eric!
    There is a definite need for more commercial kitchen prep space, particularly if we want to see more mobile food vendors in Seattle. Mobile vendors must do their prep in a commercial kitchen. As do enterprising foodies who make good things and want to sell their foodstuffs to the public at farmer. A convenient, cost-effective, on-demand space on the hill would be great.

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