Sunday, December 27, 2009

Canoe Social Club

Why did I just now hear about this place?

From their website:

Canoe Social Club provides a social gathering place for artists, arts supporters and science professionals in Seattle who want to:

* Empower and embolden the creative class
* Provide a forum for idea and resource exchange
* Be a hotbed for generative, creative solutions
* Provide gathering space for artists outside the typical mainstream bar culture

Canoe is also an event location for arts and sciences, social and administrative events, figure drawing sessions, culinary events, master classes, open mic nights, staged readings, fundraisers and First Thursday/ArtWalk.

It is a members only club (of which I am not a member, but may apply), with an application process and $20 annual per month dues, both of which seem to be in place to maintain a certain level of seriousness. The rules are reasonable and revolve mostly around acting civilized. No throwing up, though (save that for The Ruins!).

Follow them on Twitter and be their friend on Facebook.


  1. Well, hey there. My google alerts brought your post to my attention. Would love to meet and talk!

    Correction: Dues are $20/month, not /year.

    Jennifer Zeyl
    Creative Director, Canoe Social Club

  2. thanks for the correction!

    meeting and talking sounds great; i'll be in touch shortly.