Monday, October 5, 2009

People's Parking Lot Has a Cold and a New Job*

So for the next week or so, the updates will likely be rare. However, two things are coming up in the next week that are relevant, both of which have already been mentioned.


1) Wednesday night is the orientation meeting with Shunpike. As a fiscal sponsor, they will be able to offer People's Parking Lot annual insurance coverage for events like Park(ing) Day, at a rate less than we paid for the single-event policy. What does this mean? More events without worrying as much about money, of course.

2) Next Monday is the big Mike Mcginn fundraiser that focuses on sustainability and the Built Environment. You should come. More info here. Have a crush on Dan Bertolet or Alex Steffen? They'll both be there.

* The new job I speak of is a teaching assistantship at UW. My return to academia is very interesting but has resulted in lots of reading and this cold.

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