Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Park #14, Art Park

Jeanine Anderson and Lee Richmond are bringing the Art Park to the Park(ing) Day Central Park on Friday. It is possible thanks to in-kind donations from Blitz Capitol Hill Arts Walk, Babeland, and Lifelong AIDs Alliance. Following is a description of the Art Park by Jeanine:

The Art Park on Friday is part of a larger project we're working on to encourage more play and art in public spaces: the idea that you don't need to be an Artist with a capitol "A" to create visually interesting and creative vignettes in our urban environment.

The Art Park mini park provides a space for create, and for artists (big "A" and little "a") to donate sketches or artwork, or stickers, or other works. Items donated (or created and left behind) on Friday at the Art Park will become part of a one-night only guerrilla street art installation we'll hang on the hill for the October Capitol Hill Arts Walk (10/8/09).

At the Art Park mini park we'll have tables, art supplies, craft supplies and space to hang out. Folks can create and take, or create and leave behind, or stop by and donate works, or just hang out and visit. Works left behind will become part of the installation.

Please come by the Art Park and hang out and visit, or work or create, or donate some artwork.

Sounds great. Come by and demonstrate your artistry and leave something for the October Blitz Capitol Hill Arts Walk.

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